Technology Course Day 2: R and RStudio


  • Install R software from CRAN

  • Install RStudio

  • Andrew Heiss has on his blog install instructions for both Windows and OS X


  1. Set your CRAN mirror: preferences > packages

  2. Set your theme and font: preferences > appearance

  3. Set your pane layout: preferences > Pane Layout

  4. In preferences > General, verify “save workspace on exit” set to NEVER

Packages and Libraries

Try installing the dplyr package:

  • There is also a drop-down menu under Tools > Install Packages

Load the dplyr package from your computer into your RStudio workspace:


Getting Help for a package

Help file:

?foo ## ?? double question marks needed if package isn't loaded into library


vignette() # this will show list of all vignettes
vignette(package = "dplyr") # vignettes included for a specific package
vignette("dplyr") # views vignette

Books and other resources

  • We will be following R for Data Science (abbreviated R4DS) which is free online but you can also buy the book if you prefer

  • Library has another good resources: Hands-on programming with R Garrett Grolemund

The tidyverse

We will be using a lot of packages in the tidyverse. Install or check for updates:


Additional packages used in the R4DS book:

install.packages(c("nycflights13", "gapminder", "Lahman"))
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